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Downspout Extensions in Atlanta

RainChute®s - Downspout Extensions in Atlanta

Preventing flooding in your crawl space in Georgia

After your Termidor termite treatment, why not ensure the soil adjacent to your home doesn't wash away by installing RainChute®s?

Many crawl spaces get flooded because of clogged or non-existent gutters, downspouts or downspout extensions. Although keeping gutters and downspouts clean and clear of clogs isn't a dry crawl space solution (think of all the rain that falls onto the loose soil around your foundation), it will definitely help to alleviate some of the water that enters your crawl space. Even if you have a crawl space drainage system installed in your home, getting roof water away from the foundation will lessen the load on your system and sump pump.

RainChute® is a seven foot long downspout extension that will take the water from your gutters out seven feet away from your treatment zone ensuring longer lasting efficiency. Burroughs Pest Control offers Free Estimates on RainChute® installation in Carrollton, Marietta, Atlanta, Forest Park, Peachtree City, Mableton, Fayetteville, Kennesaw, East Point, Smyrna and surrounding Greater Atlanta areas.

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