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Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation in Georgia

An important part of a sealed crawl space is a reliable sump pump system. Without one, your crawl space will still be vulnerable to groundwater, as well as unnoticed plumbing leaks.

Burroughs Pest Control addresses this need with the SmartSump™ Crawl Space Sump Pump. Equipped with a cast-iron Zoeller® sump pump, a reliable liner, and sump alarm, it's exactly what you need to ensure a dry crawl space all the time!

The SmartSump™ has a very unique lid which accepts the CleanSpace® liner for a snug seal. Also, any water from a plumbing leak must first pass by the alarm, and will then drain down into the sump. The alarm will sound so you know you have a leak in your crawl space.

At Burroughs Pest Control, we install patented sump pump systems that have been developed by Basement Systems®, Inc. since 1987. They include the best cast-iron sump pumps in the industry. We provides crawl space sump pump installation to Marietta, Atlanta, Carrollton, Peachtree City, Forest Park, Fayetteville, Mableton, Smyrna, Kennesaw, East Point and surrounding Georgia areas.


The Pump is not the only part of a sump pump system

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation in GeorgiaBesides the pump itself, there are many other elements of a good crawl space sump pump system. Items such as a sump pump liner, air-tight lid, and drain are very important for crawl spaces with the CleanSpace® encapsulation system.

The Sump Liner

Why should your pump clog in a muddy hole in the floor or sit in a 5-gallon bucket that doesn't hold a lot of water and will cause the pump to "short cycle" (go on and off very quickly). Instead, you should have a sturdy liner or housing for your sump pump.

Lifetime Warranty?

No pump manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on their pumps - and there is a good reason why. A lifetime warranty doesn't make a pump better. Some irresponsible contractors will tell you there is a lifetime warranty on their pump - "free replacements forever" - to seduce you to buy their whole solution. This is irresponsible. Ask yourself, "How do I know when to call to get my free replacement?" The answer is - When the pump has failed, and your basement is flooded.

Air-Tight Sump Lid with a Floor Drain

The sump should have an air-tight lid to prevent water evaporation into your crawl space, to stop debris from falling in that can clog the pump or switch, and to quiet the system. Depending on the cover, it can also make the installation look good, too.

A Stand for the Pump and a Check Valve

A "CleanPump Stand" elevates the pump off the bottom of the sump liner, allowing sediment, mud, debris, or gravel that washes into the sump liner to settle to the bottom of the sump liner without clogging or otherwise affecting the pump. It also keeps the check valve and discharge pipe clean.

Pump Alarms

How would you know if your sump pump has failed and you were in danger of being flooded? Unless you have an alarm, the answer is, when your basement is already flooded. A battery-powered alarm that automatically sounds off when the water reaches level above the point where the pump(s) should normally turn on is essential.

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