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When carpenter ants and other species invade a home, they can scare people, damage property, ruin food, and make an enormous nuisance of themselves.

Tough and built for survival, these little creatures are tenacious, and they can be almost impossible to eliminate with conventional methods like traps, baits, and sprays.

With moisture and adequate temperature, ants will be able to live and thrive in your home. For an ant, a single crumb may be a ten day food supply!

Winged ants, breeds that are often mistaken for termites, can be easily distinguished by their wings. Winged ants have two sets of wings, while termites have only one pair. Whether you have ants or termites in your home, you have a situation that is best dealt with right away.

Burroughs Pest Control is your local certified pest control expert and exterminator. We provide FREE, no-obligation ant control estimates to any homeowner in the state of Georgia. Let us help you to eliminate your ant problem - call or contact us today!

Ant Infestation Problems

An ant infestation can damage homes, ruin food, create an uncomfortable, unsightly environment, and in the case of fire ants, lead to uncomfortable welts from their stings.

Ants are able to live in or around your home at nearly any point, with carpenter ants queens living as long as 25 years and some other species raising colonies as large as 300,000 to 500,000 strong!

Unfortunately, even the cleanest homes can attract ants into the space.

Ant infestations come in many sizes and varieties, with each species having different behaviors and techniques to help them continue to survive in your home.

For example, using sprays on Pharaoh ants will actually help to increase the numbers of colonies in the area. The reason? When these small brown ants are sprayed, they separate from the colony, where they can sometimes morph into a new queen and start an entirely new colony of ants. Other species, such as fire ants, can spread at incredible rates with a single colony producing 500 new offspring daily!

Pest Control in Georgia

Burroughs Pest Control would like to help you eliminate the ants in your home and help you keep them away - permanently! We will help you protect your home from new infestations by protecting your perimeter and identifying likely points of entrance for new ants, so you can act before the ants arrive.

Our pest control estimates are free, and they come with no risk or obligation to you. We serve Georgia, including Fayetteville, Forest Park, Peachtree City, Smyrna, Kennesaw, East Point, Mableton, and nearby.

For YOUR free, no-obligation ant extermination and control quote, contact Burroughs Pest Control by phone or e-mail today!

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